“I think the text is beautiful and moving, the way she combines a description of the new painting with her hope – which I share – that Korea can overcome the tragedy of fratricidal war.”

Guy Brett. June - 2010 ‘Present from The Past’
London-based art critic, writer, and curator.

“Francesca Cho’s ‘Deep Springs of Life’ is amazing. I see Peace & War and Danger & Tranquility. It is the sort of painting of which I never tire … uplifting”

Irene , Novas Gallery, London – 2008 ‘Sacred’

“Francesca Cho’s work shows touching and intimate mutual response or coexistence of emotion under her belief of peace and joy after overcoming deep turmoil and agony. These pieces of her art envelope everyone with great warmth.”

Lee Ka Lim Poet, Dean of Humanities, Inha University, South Korea - 2002

“Korean-born artist Francesca Cho’s quirky paintings seek to provide a little harmony in the world. She replaces trees, people and buildings with symbols - triangles, squares and circles - in an attempt to simplify this complex world. They have the kind of joyous spirit of an early Paul Klee; their optimism comes from Cho’s belief that “Deep sadness is ultimately peace and deep misery is ultimately joy”.

JL, The Guardian Guide, UK - 2001 ‘Endless Possibility’,